Friday, December 10, 2010

unlazy-ing the lazy.

well, it has been (three?) days since i last posted, when i committed to do one-a-day, for my revenue. shame, shame. but then again, maybe i shouldn.t be doing this at all, considering i don.t really have motivation for much of anything anymore, it seems...but i don.t know.

anyway, since i haven.t posted in a couple of days, (when i actually told one of my best friends that i would, especially for them) there has been a couple of topics that have been through my mind on what my next post should be...i.m not exactly sure what this one is going to be on yet.

so i.ll

no, i change my mind.

okay, i.m just going to have my post be about friends.

what are they there for???
.....or it can be on my smart-alec nephew that.s in my face right now, and it.s annoying as hell.

anyway, back to the subject, before i was interrupted,
what are friends for? embarrassment, help, stress, when in doubt, when in health, there...that.s for sure.

but those true friends, that always seem to be there for you.
or those "i think true" friends, that seem to be good, then they leave had it happen twice to me, and it.s awful, kind of like this article, it.s kinda a good feeling, but it.s not very fun, or complete, in the end.

     but enough of that rambling nonsense. that was basically a brain-dump of everything that just went through my head the past 3 and 1/2 minutes.
     but the thing that really got me started on this topic is that one of my friends that lives next door to me decided to let me have his family.s 4-year-old compaq desktop. i was glad to take it, because there were some slight hardware problems, but i don.t really mind. and now, tonight, he is planning on giving me about a 11-year-old one, that i.m wanting to refurbish, and give to my cousin that doesn.t have a computer. he wouldn.t care, he likes electronics, and old stuff, so why wouldn.t he like an old electronic?
     but this post really has no point, except to basically say i.m glad to have the few friends i do have. the true ones, the 'ones', the ones you don.t really talk to, the ones that backstab you, and everything else. i.m just glad been brought into my life to teach me different things, and hope you feel the same way, in a sense. and yes, i like those backstabbers. they teach me how to backstab back at them...

. . . wait, what?

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