Thursday, December 30, 2010

procrastination is key finally just came to the raw realization that procrastination and patience combined is the key to almost everything..


if i procrastinate, things get rushed, right?
if i have patience, i have to wait for things.

rushed waiting = key to success.


Friday, December 10, 2010

unlazy-ing the lazy.

well, it has been (three?) days since i last posted, when i committed to do one-a-day, for my revenue. shame, shame. but then again, maybe i shouldn.t be doing this at all, considering i don.t really have motivation for much of anything anymore, it seems...but i don.t know.

anyway, since i haven.t posted in a couple of days, (when i actually told one of my best friends that i would, especially for them) there has been a couple of topics that have been through my mind on what my next post should be...i.m not exactly sure what this one is going to be on yet.

so i.ll

no, i change my mind.

okay, i.m just going to have my post be about friends.

what are they there for???
.....or it can be on my smart-alec nephew that.s in my face right now, and it.s annoying as hell.

anyway, back to the subject, before i was interrupted,
what are friends for? embarrassment, help, stress, when in doubt, when in health, there...that.s for sure.

but those true friends, that always seem to be there for you.
or those "i think true" friends, that seem to be good, then they leave had it happen twice to me, and it.s awful, kind of like this article, it.s kinda a good feeling, but it.s not very fun, or complete, in the end.

     but enough of that rambling nonsense. that was basically a brain-dump of everything that just went through my head the past 3 and 1/2 minutes.
     but the thing that really got me started on this topic is that one of my friends that lives next door to me decided to let me have his family.s 4-year-old compaq desktop. i was glad to take it, because there were some slight hardware problems, but i don.t really mind. and now, tonight, he is planning on giving me about a 11-year-old one, that i.m wanting to refurbish, and give to my cousin that doesn.t have a computer. he wouldn.t care, he likes electronics, and old stuff, so why wouldn.t he like an old electronic?
     but this post really has no point, except to basically say i.m glad to have the few friends i do have. the true ones, the 'ones', the ones you don.t really talk to, the ones that backstab you, and everything else. i.m just glad been brought into my life to teach me different things, and hope you feel the same way, in a sense. and yes, i like those backstabbers. they teach me how to backstab back at them...

. . . wait, what?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

YouTube - Google Demo Slam: Translate Beat Box

YouTube - Google Demo Slam: Translate Beat Box

never would have thought of that. now that is awesome. seriously.

how-to install ubuntu 10.04 lucid to a flash drive on windows

to start off:  a lot of people usually have trouble installing ubuntu to a flash drive using windows if they are rather new at linux distros. here i will list the steps that are necessary to install lucid to a USB flash drive, using microsoft windows.

1) download the ubuntu lucid 32-bit .iso file from the site here. if you have a 64-bit, and would rather use that, download that file here. if you are unsure about the difference between 32, and 64-bit, see this. from experience, though, the 64-bit isn.t that big of a difference in performance from the 64-bit, and also there is less software available for the 64-bit version. so it.s your choice.

2) after downloading the .iso file, click here to go to universal usb installer.s web page, and download the .exe file.

3) after you have finished doing that, run universal usb, and select lucid desktop from the dropdown list. it should automatically find it. if not, navigate to the folder you downloaded the .iso.

4) select your flash drive from the dropdown menu, and select to format it. ignore the persistence option, unless you know what doing.

5) click on install, and wait for it to finish.

6) once it has finished installing, you may eject the usb, and close the program. now reboot your computer, and enter the BIOS.

7) to enter the BIOS, usually there is a command when a computer is booting to enter "setup", and it varies with different machines.

8) once you are in the BIOS, select to boot from usb before you do hard drive. this also varies with different versions of BIOS. if you are having trouble with all of this, just try this and see if anything can help.

9) once you are set to boot from usb, reboot again, and wait until you see the man & keyboard logo. touch anything on the keyboard to start. select your language, and then select to try lucid, or to install.

10) just follow the on-screen instructions, and basically done. you have now installed ubuntu lucid.


if there are any questions, just email me at, or comment below. i will be adding a future post on how to install lucid from ubuntu, rather than windows.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

saturday. finally.

so today is finally saturday. thank God.

     i got to wake up just a few minutes ago at 9 o'clock, rather than 4, 5, 6, or 7, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i woke up to the smell of french toast sticks, and the sound of cartoons on saturday, rather than the annoying rambling of an alarm clock, and the barking of some dog five blocks down.
     so today is a good saturday. really good, considering that i.m not required to do anything, (at least that i know of), and i can just 'laze' around. it might also be a good saturday because of the fact that i took the world.s most unpleasant history test yesterday, and that it is finally over. i honestly do think i.m going to write something on that.
     i don.t know why, but i just don.t enjoy history, like some people do. maybe i would, but i just can.t seem to understand what would help me to know history besides one of two things:

1)appreciating the foundation that the country i live in was built on (which i do, but....yeah, sure?)
2)throwing random facts in someone.s face about how politically incorrect.

     so i just don.t understand why i have to take a history course, wanting to be an anesthesiologist or an IT of some sort. i just always seem to think "why am i taking this? i.ll never use this when i.m older..." and i just don.t really enjoy the history of our nation, or anywhere for that matter. that.s probably why i have a C in that class - because i don.t enjoy it, and am not interested.
     now math, science, and computers on the other hand, i love to learn about these different things. they just seem like they never cease to grab my attention, and i still don.t understand why history doesn.t. to some (most?) individuals, algebra I and algebra II can go and die in a hole somewhere, but i love to learn different equations and facts, such as:

9x2 - 66x + 121 = 0

     and everyone always asks, "now how is that going to help me in life?". well, i can answer that, because there.s all kinds of ways that algebra can help you in life. say that x means box. 9x2 is how many boxes you have in stock, to give to people. -66x can be how many boxes you actually end up giving to people. and the extra 121 is how many people that get another box.
     bam. made that up, but there.s an example. (you know it made sense).
     anyway, science is awesome, because there are so many things in science (chemistry being my favorite field) to learn, and new things keep coming and coming. it.s always something new being discovered, and it.s awesome, in my opinion. science helps me all the time, computer science that is. if i didn.t have any computer science at hand, i would be basically...well, not doing a lot of stuff. i wouldn.t be able to facebook (and God knows that is important. i wouldn.t be able to submit reports to my teachers, i wouldn.t be able to blog, i wouldn.t be able to do basically anything that i find 'fun'. sure i like going outside and everything, but i.m fascinated by computers and science, and feel almost obligated to learn about them. i.m weird, sure, but who cares?
     well, what are your opinions? so much for doing nothing on a saturday...

Friday, December 3, 2010

just a thought, but...

"refurbish and reuse,
refurbish and reuse"

     that.s all that is running through my head right now. i can.t even type efficiently. i.m wanting to start an organization where i take other people.s old computers that nobody wants anymore, and refurbishing them. afterwards, giving them to less fortunate individuals that cannot afford to purchase a computer.
     being that i live in a small town, though, it is rather difficult to start such a business. so if you know anyone that has an old computer they don.t want anymore, or if you don.t, please, please let me know @ .


cartoon characters on facebook...

     so lately there have been a bunch of characters on facebook, that people claim to be their favorites. i have partaken in the action, which i find childish..but it is for a good cause. the new meme has a charitable purpose, quoted from CBS :

"From now until December 7, change your profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood. The objective of this is not to see any human faces on Facebook but an invasion of memories for the fight against Violence to Children. Remember we were kids too."

     anyway, not much to talk about, but i figured i could get at least a little discussion on it. what are your opinions?

1st, mostly pathetic, post.

Well, here we go.
     blog. what a word. (and for the record - no, i don.t capitalize. i use periods, rather than apostrophes, also. if you don.t find it 'proper', sorry.)
       anyway, blog. according to Wikipedia, a mix of web and log

i never thought that i would come around to the act of blogging. 
however this is still my first one, so i may not get used to it. 

     you may be asking what intrigued me to do such a thing. well, like the vast majority of those that blog (i researched, mind you) , i came for the moolah. what a great outlook of my future high school years:

blog = money.
money = blog. 

     so, i Googled all of the great blogging sites, Blogger being the one i chose. i considered different ones that pay, but they all seemed like a loophole, rather than legitimate. being that you could combine AdSense's 'monetize' feature with it, i thought "what the hey."
     with my luck though, AdSense is a loophole. haven.t Googled it yet, so i.m not sure.
     being that i.m a rather new blogger, considered some of the things i could write about, technology coming to mind first. i enjoy computers and almost everything about them, and so that could be a good idea. i could write about how badly i dislike the topic of history, or how much i enjoy mathematics & chemistry. "the world is yours" at blogging, right? or a loophole. we.ll soon find out i suppose.
     as the title states, this is a pathetic blog. this being the first pathetic post of my pathetic blog, it will also be pathetic as it is supposed to be, and i.ll go ahead and make the ending rather pathetic, overusing the expression 'pathetic', with a pathetic closing: