Sunday, December 5, 2010

how-to install ubuntu 10.04 lucid to a flash drive on windows

to start off:  a lot of people usually have trouble installing ubuntu to a flash drive using windows if they are rather new at linux distros. here i will list the steps that are necessary to install lucid to a USB flash drive, using microsoft windows.

1) download the ubuntu lucid 32-bit .iso file from the site here. if you have a 64-bit, and would rather use that, download that file here. if you are unsure about the difference between 32, and 64-bit, see this. from experience, though, the 64-bit isn.t that big of a difference in performance from the 64-bit, and also there is less software available for the 64-bit version. so it.s your choice.

2) after downloading the .iso file, click here to go to universal usb installer.s web page, and download the .exe file.

3) after you have finished doing that, run universal usb, and select lucid desktop from the dropdown list. it should automatically find it. if not, navigate to the folder you downloaded the .iso.

4) select your flash drive from the dropdown menu, and select to format it. ignore the persistence option, unless you know what doing.

5) click on install, and wait for it to finish.

6) once it has finished installing, you may eject the usb, and close the program. now reboot your computer, and enter the BIOS.

7) to enter the BIOS, usually there is a command when a computer is booting to enter "setup", and it varies with different machines.

8) once you are in the BIOS, select to boot from usb before you do hard drive. this also varies with different versions of BIOS. if you are having trouble with all of this, just try this and see if anything can help.

9) once you are set to boot from usb, reboot again, and wait until you see the man & keyboard logo. touch anything on the keyboard to start. select your language, and then select to try lucid, or to install.

10) just follow the on-screen instructions, and basically done. you have now installed ubuntu lucid.


if there are any questions, just email me at, or comment below. i will be adding a future post on how to install lucid from ubuntu, rather than windows.

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