Friday, December 3, 2010

1st, mostly pathetic, post.

Well, here we go.
     blog. what a word. (and for the record - no, i don.t capitalize. i use periods, rather than apostrophes, also. if you don.t find it 'proper', sorry.)
       anyway, blog. according to Wikipedia, a mix of web and log

i never thought that i would come around to the act of blogging. 
however this is still my first one, so i may not get used to it. 

     you may be asking what intrigued me to do such a thing. well, like the vast majority of those that blog (i researched, mind you) , i came for the moolah. what a great outlook of my future high school years:

blog = money.
money = blog. 

     so, i Googled all of the great blogging sites, Blogger being the one i chose. i considered different ones that pay, but they all seemed like a loophole, rather than legitimate. being that you could combine AdSense's 'monetize' feature with it, i thought "what the hey."
     with my luck though, AdSense is a loophole. haven.t Googled it yet, so i.m not sure.
     being that i.m a rather new blogger, considered some of the things i could write about, technology coming to mind first. i enjoy computers and almost everything about them, and so that could be a good idea. i could write about how badly i dislike the topic of history, or how much i enjoy mathematics & chemistry. "the world is yours" at blogging, right? or a loophole. we.ll soon find out i suppose.
     as the title states, this is a pathetic blog. this being the first pathetic post of my pathetic blog, it will also be pathetic as it is supposed to be, and i.ll go ahead and make the ending rather pathetic, overusing the expression 'pathetic', with a pathetic closing:


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