Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

new blog!

me and my friend garrett gaston have decided to make a blog about hunting, which is available here. we also have youtube channels which are provided in our names. if you're interested, you should check them out! i'll be providing more posts, videos, etc. soon.

i'm doing drum covers now.

i'm also taking a trip to canada for a week and a half this upcoming sunday, so i'll be gone.


Sunday, May 15, 2011


so i haven't been on blogger in a while. i've sort of missed it, even.

but it's just another one of those nights i can't sleep, when my inspiration seems to be best. nobody else is ever really awake right now, so i usually just resort to the computer, as i always do anyway.

i catch myself always thinking about what i want to do when i get older. lately i've really been upset over those thoughts, almost into a state of depression. hell, i AM depressed.

but things are getting better. school's out in three days, then i can work all summer. save up for stuff i need. stuff i owe..

but i plan on trying to start the blog again. but then i've said that in the past seven hundred posts..

but back to the topic of the post, i never sleep. it's sad, really. but it seems that i can always think easier, more "better" at 2:30 in the morning, rather than 4:00 in the afternoon. i used to fall asleep rather easily when i was younger, but now i'm always up. i get up around 8, go to bed at 3 or so. or i'll go to bed at 12:30, and be up around 6 or 7. and i'll feel fine the rest of the day, no nap required. everyone seems to think i'm a lunatic, which i am in a sense i suppose. but i guess i'll leave for now.

i need some topic suggestions, those would be nice.

...does anyone even read this?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

well, things get old.

today was another day, to say the least.

i fell asleep at about 3:30, woke up about 9, thinking today's gonna be a good day, which it mostly was. but i just wish things would go like i planned them to, sometimes. 

anyway, i didn't do much. talked on the phone all day, worked on computers.

and that is where this post's title came from. it seems like computers are starting to get old, and just aren't all that interesting to me as they used to...

don't get me wrong, i'm still happy to get on one and look around, fix, take apart, inspect, whatever. but it just seems like it's getting a little bit less fun each day =/

not sure how exactly to explain. it's like my interest and anticipation to use them comes in waves. maybe it's just my "waves" of emotion though...it depends, i suppose. but that's all for today, not feeling very inspirational this evening.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

best. instrumental. ever. period.

okay for those of you who saw my last post, it was great. i guess. but check this out - this has to be THE BEST instrumental ever made. period. just like i said. for those of you who have not been lucky enough to see Bed Intruder, here it is. in the previous link, right there <--------

anyway, most have you have probably already seen it, and have already heard the Remix.

Well, anyway, this guy has done the best instrumental.
you know, i just need to shut up, let you watch it, and go to bed....just check it out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


so i finally realize how truly lazy i can be about some things.
it all depends on if i want to really do it, as most people seem to work in the first place.

take this blog, for example. i kind of want to do it, but i kind of don't. [yes, i'm using "'"'s (say that 7 times fast) instead of "."'s now.] but yeah, i do and i don't. meaning, i want to do it, because if people read my blog, i feel somewhat special. it's nice to feel special, right? i mean, i get lonely. but then again, i really sometimes don't want to do it, because sometimes i just don't have the motivation, or i don't feel like typing,  (usually a motivation problem) or something of that nature.

but there's those certain things, like i should be getting dressed right now and getting ready for my day. but nope, i kinda don't feel up to it. so i'ma gonna wait about 10 more minutes, that way i can rush out the door, and feel a little bit more stressed throughout the day. i would rather write my pointless blog and be late. but then again, i wouldn't.

for those of you who aren't lucky enough to know me, i'm a very "mixed-emotion-kind-of-guy". not in the way to where the girl i like hates me, but in the way that i just always am doing something different. like this post. it started out with my laziness, now i'm here. i don't know exactly how to explain myself, except that sometimes, i don't know what to do, and sometimes i do. it's upsetting.

i just ramble on about things, and confuse my own self. i'm losing an interest in computers, and then again, i know that is what i'm best at. (at least as of now, in my opinion.)

i feel like i need to do something, then my mind tells me i don't, then it tells me to do it again, thus my conscience becoming a forkbomb, ready to explode and screw my day over in a sense.

it just gets me to the point of aggravation and distension, that i don't know what to do except watch pointless YouTube videos, such as Bed Intruder, or some other nonsense, or simply just go to bed.

well, i'm done with my rant. i'm sure there will be more to come, God willing.