Sunday, May 15, 2011


so i haven't been on blogger in a while. i've sort of missed it, even.

but it's just another one of those nights i can't sleep, when my inspiration seems to be best. nobody else is ever really awake right now, so i usually just resort to the computer, as i always do anyway.

i catch myself always thinking about what i want to do when i get older. lately i've really been upset over those thoughts, almost into a state of depression. hell, i AM depressed.

but things are getting better. school's out in three days, then i can work all summer. save up for stuff i need. stuff i owe..

but i plan on trying to start the blog again. but then i've said that in the past seven hundred posts..

but back to the topic of the post, i never sleep. it's sad, really. but it seems that i can always think easier, more "better" at 2:30 in the morning, rather than 4:00 in the afternoon. i used to fall asleep rather easily when i was younger, but now i'm always up. i get up around 8, go to bed at 3 or so. or i'll go to bed at 12:30, and be up around 6 or 7. and i'll feel fine the rest of the day, no nap required. everyone seems to think i'm a lunatic, which i am in a sense i suppose. but i guess i'll leave for now.

i need some topic suggestions, those would be nice.

...does anyone even read this?

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