Saturday, December 4, 2010

saturday. finally.

so today is finally saturday. thank God.

     i got to wake up just a few minutes ago at 9 o'clock, rather than 4, 5, 6, or 7, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i woke up to the smell of french toast sticks, and the sound of cartoons on saturday, rather than the annoying rambling of an alarm clock, and the barking of some dog five blocks down.
     so today is a good saturday. really good, considering that i.m not required to do anything, (at least that i know of), and i can just 'laze' around. it might also be a good saturday because of the fact that i took the world.s most unpleasant history test yesterday, and that it is finally over. i honestly do think i.m going to write something on that.
     i don.t know why, but i just don.t enjoy history, like some people do. maybe i would, but i just can.t seem to understand what would help me to know history besides one of two things:

1)appreciating the foundation that the country i live in was built on (which i do, but....yeah, sure?)
2)throwing random facts in someone.s face about how politically incorrect.

     so i just don.t understand why i have to take a history course, wanting to be an anesthesiologist or an IT of some sort. i just always seem to think "why am i taking this? i.ll never use this when i.m older..." and i just don.t really enjoy the history of our nation, or anywhere for that matter. that.s probably why i have a C in that class - because i don.t enjoy it, and am not interested.
     now math, science, and computers on the other hand, i love to learn about these different things. they just seem like they never cease to grab my attention, and i still don.t understand why history doesn.t. to some (most?) individuals, algebra I and algebra II can go and die in a hole somewhere, but i love to learn different equations and facts, such as:

9x2 - 66x + 121 = 0

     and everyone always asks, "now how is that going to help me in life?". well, i can answer that, because there.s all kinds of ways that algebra can help you in life. say that x means box. 9x2 is how many boxes you have in stock, to give to people. -66x can be how many boxes you actually end up giving to people. and the extra 121 is how many people that get another box.
     bam. made that up, but there.s an example. (you know it made sense).
     anyway, science is awesome, because there are so many things in science (chemistry being my favorite field) to learn, and new things keep coming and coming. it.s always something new being discovered, and it.s awesome, in my opinion. science helps me all the time, computer science that is. if i didn.t have any computer science at hand, i would be basically...well, not doing a lot of stuff. i wouldn.t be able to facebook (and God knows that is important. i wouldn.t be able to submit reports to my teachers, i wouldn.t be able to blog, i wouldn.t be able to do basically anything that i find 'fun'. sure i like going outside and everything, but i.m fascinated by computers and science, and feel almost obligated to learn about them. i.m weird, sure, but who cares?
     well, what are your opinions? so much for doing nothing on a saturday...

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